"dmbgroup provided McDonalds with a fully managed service for our Employee Discount Card scheme which covered all our UK staff over 80,000 of them. With around 1,200 UK restaurants - over a half of which are franchised - it is essential that all employees get their card on time and new joiners can be provided with a card quickly and easily.

I was very impressed by their development and management of an online card ordering service for all our franchised restaurants. This made the ordering process for these restaurants  much more efficient, saving time and reducing errors.  In addition, it provided straightforward management of all new joiners and gave us immediate access to a number of necessary reports from a database.

Once the orders were complete, dmbgroup managed the print, production and distribution of the cards to each individual restaurant; in itself certainly not an easy logistics exercise.

dmbgroup's support and efforts significantly increased the efficiency of the ordering and production process whilst reducing the cost of production and distribution. In addition, their full service support and real time, automated systems reduced the need for any significant involvement on our part in the operation. Their attention to detail, swiftness of response and understanding of our requirements was always spot on and I am happy to say they were a joy to work with”.

Benefits and Compensation Manager
McDonald's Restaurants Ltd






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