Staff Card Reward Schemes

Recognise and reward your employees with a fully managed staff card reward scheme

A properly managed staff reward scheme can help your business motivate and retain its employees. dmbgroup have designed the dmCards system to specifically help HR departments to streamline the ordering, production, distribution and reporting required to run a successful staff benefit card scheme.

dmCards is a fully secure online staff card management system which can be customised to meet the requirements of any staff benefit scheme. Multiple reward levels, optional partner cards and multi-site distribution are all taken care of.

The system has been successfully used by both McDonald’s and Kingfisher.

Recognise and reward your employees without delays

dmCards gives users real-time access to their cardholder data so they can look-up, add, edit or remove records quickly and efficiently. The system also enables you to bulk-upload your employee data including transactional data:

  • Add, edit and remove employee data in real-time.
  • De-dupe records to keep your database clean.
  • Check eligibility of employees using predetermined rules.
  • Fully managed production and distribution to meet employee expectations.
  • Report on and analyse card usage to protect against misuse.
  • Manage multiple membership schemes within one system.

The system links seamlessly to dmbgroup’s card production and fulfilment capability so your staff will receive their cards and any communications on time without problems or delays.

Our end to end service includes:

  • Database management with on-line access.
  • Plastic card production, personalisation and distribution.
  • Card and pack design.
  • Copywriting of support material.
  • Stock management and storage.
  • Customer services support to manage lost or replacement card requests.
  • Reporting and analysis.

If you are looking to launch a staff card scheme we can help you plan and build a scheme from scratch that will fit your budget. If you already operate a scheme we can help to reduce your time and operating costs whilst helping to improve employee motivation.

dmbgroup can manage your staff card scheme for you or provide full training with ongoing support using the dmCards system if you prefer to keep things in house.

How dmbgroup adds value:

We can do everything for you, free up time and resource by letting us operate your entire staff card scheme.

  • Detailed checking processes will ensure all cards are produced accurately and all eligible staff members receive discount cards quickly.
  • Improve efficiency and save money by using a single source.
  • Fully managed processes ensure everything happens when expected.

Manage the costs of your reward programme.

  • Simplify budgets with all your database, production, design and customer services costs on a single invoice with no unexpected over-spends.
  • Automated reporting to help you to understand scheme performance.
  • Identify card misuse quickly to protect revenue.
  • Cost saving efficiencies in design, distribution and scheme mechanics.

Immediate online access to your employee information so you can manage your staff card scheme in real-time and protect against delays:

  • Search for your employees via any information the system holds on them.
  • Quickly order new or replacement cards.
  • Immediately remove leavers and edit employee details.
  • Look at your employees using multiple search criteria.