Software Solutions

Our software solutions

Robust enough to stand alone and flexible enough to integrate with existing systems

dmbgroup offer a range of software products that have been designed to fulfil the needs of busy marketing, HR and IT departments. We can make bespoke updates and add-ons to the core systems to fit our clients’ specific needs; we can also build new systems to your own specification.

No matter which route you take you can be assured that our team of software developers will take the time to understand the needs of your business and deliver the project to agreed timescales and budgets.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced software engineers.


Simplify your workflow and manage customer expectations in real-time

Our flagship CRM and communications platform ‘Connect’ has been developed as a modular system that will accept and consolidate data from multiple touch points and integrate with customer services so that changes can be made in real-time with full audit trails. It will also produce automated reports and it can even manage and deliver complex behaviourally triggered marketing campaigns.

  • Segment customers based on behaviour, profile and catchment
  • Profile existing customers and select ‘best fit’ prospects for marketing communications directly from the system using our database of over 28 million UK households
  • Target communications based on relevant and accurate information

Having access to a single system that can manage, interrogate and report on your data as well as enabling you to design and implement multi channel communications will simplify your workflow and provide real competitive advantage.

  • Secure cloud hosted system, immediate online access to all your customer information in real-time, 24 hours a day
  • Straightforward and insightful real-time data analysis and reporting
  • Automated updates to the system at no extra cost
  • Produce your own charts, tables and catchment maps which can change in real-time as the system receives data
  • Schedule snapshots allowing you to view changes to customer behaviour through any time period
  • Design and implement multi-channel triggered communications

The ‘Connect’ system was successfully used to manage the data, reporting and personalised communications for B&Q’s national Trade Discount Card scheme. For more information visit our Connect website, or request a ‘Connect’ demo today.


Helping you manage your staff card reward schemes better

Our dmCards software has been specifically designed to manage staff discount card schemes. Providing HR departments with real-time access to their data allowing them to order new and replacement discount cards or to amend employee details, the system also manages periodic production of discount cards and distribution to multiple sites or home addresses.

Our dmCards system has been successfully used to manage the McDonald’s staff card scheme as well as the Kingfisher staff discount card scheme since 2009.

For more information on our dmCards system read about our Staff Card Reward Scheme Management service or contact us today for a free demonstration.


Workflow management software designed to ensure every project is delivered on time, and on budget.

dmFlow allows workflows to be created within a highly flexible and scaleable framework, providing decision trees, optional paths and other flow systems to maximise flexibility. The system constantly monitors progress through projects, highlighting any potential bottlenecks before they become an issue. dmFlow learns as projects are completed, allowing you to monitor and amend budget timescales and costs to ensure projects aren't consistently over or under budgeted for either timing or funding.

Our dmFlow system has been assisting BJA since 2009. Read our case study here

Bespoke software development

We’ll give you everything you need and nothing you don’t

We know that far too many IT solutions end up running over schedule whilst generating mounting additional costs, many never get finished at all or include costly features that are never used.

dmbgroup take the time to understand what our clients really need and we’ll always seek to add value to the brief. We’ll provide a detailed proposal for any software development project and we’ll deliver the project to agreed costs and timescales, that’s why we’ve worked with some of the UK's leading retailers on high visibility software projects.

Our in-house development team can work with you to design and build a system that meets your requirements and improves your marketing and contact strategy including:

  • User friendly desktop access
  • Full analytics and reporting packages
  • Campaign management functionality
  • Easy data counts and selections
  • Online data capture and data cleaning
  • Customer service interfaces