Multichannel Marketing

Communicate with your customers how and when you want to in a way that fits their lifestyle and preferences

dmbgroup integrate personalised communications across new and traditional channels so you can target your marketing offers effectively at the right time to the right customer using your customers preferred channel of communication.

dmbgroup offer a fully managed and data focused multichannel communication service including:


We will provide a seamless customer experience at every touch point that is right for your customer and profitable for your business with the capability to deliver a genuine single customer view.

Maximise ROI by letting the customer decide

By offering your customers more options and greater contact control, dmbgroup's multichannel capability supported by valuable analysis and customer insight gives our clients the ability to drive new revenue opportunities, manage costs and produce greater customer satisfaction.

We'll help you exceed your customers' expectations by delivering consistent messaging that is relevant to your customers' needs; this will provide your business with a real competitive advantage and your customers with outstanding service.

How dmbgroup adds value:

  • We deliver a truly comprehensive multichannel solution; incorporating strategy, creative design, copy writing, analysis, production, proposition testing and distribution saving companies significant time, money and resource.
  • We provide real-time targeting capability which lets you respond to customer behaviour proactively and immediately. Deal with customer enquires straightaway and avert any issues before they become problems that can cost your business money.
  • Our low risk test and learn approach ensures businesses never stand still with their marketing strategy and always look to improve upon results to give customers a better service.