Customer Retention

How to manage your customer relationships better and reduce customer churn...

When striving to find new customers it can be easy to take your eye off your existing customer base.

dmbgroup help our clients to develop effective customer contact strategies that deliver a positive customer experience, greater customer value and profit. Your customers are our main focus and we seek to understand them in detail so that you can influence their spend and keep them loyal by offering excellent customer service.

Improving customer retention is vital to profitability and growth - are you able to understand your customers better and keep them engaged?

dmbgroup can help you identify your customers’ behavioural patterns and change triggers which ensures your business is best placed to target those customers who are likely to lapse even before they arrive at this point.

Our information management and insight services ensure all your customer communications are the result of informed decisions allowing you to target and communicate with your customers in the most effective and efficient way.

Customer reactivation

Our ability to interrogate your data in real time using our CRM and communication platform ensures useful insights can be put to practical use immediately across all marketing channels. We can help you reactivate customers who you’ve lost sight of and keep them engaged with your business. Read more about our Connect system here.

How dmbgroup adds value:

  • We focus on understanding all your customers and their motivations so you can generate greater value and a better customer experience through focused 1 to 1 customer communications.
  • We can implement behaviourally triggered communications in real-time so that you can respond to your customers and influence their spending behaviour exactly when you need to.
  • We do the numbers for you – ROI, allowable CPS, lifetime value, response rate predictions and budget forecasting so you have a clear understanding of success rates and precise control over your spend. Read more here.
  • Full customer services support capability – we’ll deal positively with any customer enquiry both offline and online to keep customer satisfaction levels high. Read more here.