Customer Acquisition

How to face the challenge of finding profitable new customers for your business...

dmbgroup help our clients to identify the right prospects, choose the best way to communicate with them and provide compelling reasons for them to respond in a way that is both measurable and which delivers additional data, valuable customer insights and better understanding.

We know who your ‘best fit’ prospects are

The first stage of getting new customers is to understand who your existing customers are, where they come from and what value they have to your business. We’ll analyse your customer data to identify who your ‘best’ customers are and then we’ll select prospects with similar characteristics from our fully profiled database of over 28 million UK households – over 43 million individuals.

We use our sophisticated mapping software alongside our fully profiled consumer database to plot your customer penetration levels, competitor store locations and to define your true catchment areas so you can target your prospective customers with greater accuracy for a better return on your investment. Please click on the image below to see a higher resolution version of the map.

Customer penetration map

dmbgroup specialise in maximising the value of customer data, which is why our clients trust us to manage their customer recruitment strategies across all communication channels. Read some of our case studies here.

How dmbgroup adds value:

  • Immediate access to over 28 million UK households and 43 million individuals so you can select your best prospects and preferred channels from one clean, fully profiled source when you need to.
  • We focus on ‘best fit’ prospects for your brand so you save money and deliver a better return on your investment.
  • Our multichannel capability lets you communicate with all your customers through their preferred channel maintaining brand integrity and generating higher response rates.
  • Low risk proposition development and structured testing allows you to measure the effectiveness of the offer against control groups to continually improve upon results.