Create Value from Data

Are you struggling to generate more sales and greater understanding from your customer data?

Whether you have customer data which isn’t generating sufficient incremental revenue or whether you need to understand your customers’ behaviour and improve customer service, dmbgroup will help you maximise the real value of your data.

We can help you to understand who your customers are, where they come from and provide you with instant access to all your prospective customers from our extensive consumer database of over 28 million UK households.

Do you want to achieve a single customer view?

dmbgroup will help consolidate your customer data across all touch points to provide a single customer view.

We’ll give you instant access to all of your customer information in one secure, real-time environment, providing the ability to manage your customers more cost effectively and to understand their behaviour at a truly individual level. Read more about our Connect system here.

By having all your customer and prospect information immediately to hand, we can help you stay in touch with your customers when you need to with more accurately targeted offers and incentives. In the short term this generates sales and reduces wastage and in the long term helps you manage your customer relationships better and protect against customer churn.

How dmbgroup adds value:

  • We enhance the value of customer data by profiling it to show a more detailed socio and geo-demographic picture whilst appending telephone numbers, email addresses and mailable addresses giving you more options with your channels of communication. Read more here.
  • We keep all data in perfect order. Our end to end data management service ensures your entire customer and prospect data is clean, up to date and in one common format. We match customer data against all the main deceased files and goneaway files and screen against the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) and Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to give you a useful and valuable customer file. Read more here.
  • Create additional revenue with 3rd party affiliations. We generated over £1.5million annually for one of our clients through our fully managed 3rd party affinity schemes; bottom line profit that would normally never see the light of day. We can add value to your customer data with the right partner relationship. Read more here.
  • We deliver a true single customer view. Our customer communications platform will be tailored to your needs, and gives you real-time access to all your customer data as well as our database of over 28 million UK households so you can react to, and influence, customer behaviour profitably across all channels. Read more here.