Understanding customers is the key to delivering better customer experiences and more profitable customer relationships.

dmbgroup has been helping companies understand and influence their customers' purchasing behaviour since 1986.

We provide comprehensive marketing solutions for some of the UK's biggest and most respected brands as well as smaller businesses across a variety of industry sectors. Our expertise in data management, customer communication, analysis, insights and membership scheme management ensures that we add significant value to any customer relationship regardless of the challenges faced.

If you need to maximise customer retention and target customer recruitment profitably, then talk to us today.

DMB Group Established 1986

Create Value from Data

Are you struggling to generate more sales and understanding from your data?

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Customer Acquisition

How to face the challenge of finding profitable new customers

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Customer Retention

How to manage your customer relationships better

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Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty cannot be bought, it has to be earned

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Multichannel Marketing

Communicate with your customers how and when you want to

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Software Solutions

Packaged and bespoke software solutions to meet your requirements

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Staff Card Reward Schemes

Fully managed staff card reward schemes

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Our Clients

Comprehensive marketing solutions that add significant value for our clients

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